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March 26, 2004.

Our company is in the e-commerce sector selling digital products online. Server reliability therefore is key to our day-to-day operations and cost associated with any system failure is directly related to the extent of downtime. To minimize and prevent such losses, we have purchased the Kaveman 16 and Power control devices to help us manage our mission critical servers. Our administrators can now perform all troubleshooting remotely from their desk without ever having to physically be in the server room. Since the Kaveman 16 supports multiple remote users, all of our administrators can freely access to any servers at anytime whenever a problem arise. We have probably achieved an ROI within the first hour Kaveman has been set up with the amount of network and service downtime that has been avoided. Setting up Kaveman is much easier than we anticipated as it took us in total 10 minutes to install two Kaveman 16 and four Power controls. We are so glad to have found Kaveman as our solution.

December 29, 2003.

MDPCNet is a non-profit organization providing web hosting, DNS and e-mail services for a variety of small and non-profit organizations such as The Periwinkle Foundation, Camp Aranzazu and Pediatric Academic Societies. This is not my full time job, but requires me to be able to respond to issues with the servers at any time. A laptop computer, a VPN client and the Kaveman 8 allows me to provide the 24x7 support that is needed to keep these services running, even when I am at work (at my real job) at night or out of town. The stability of the Kaveman 8 has been remarkable, requiring only one reboot (for a firmware upgrade) in the year that it has been in use. This access has allowed remote management of all server functions, while still maintaining a high degree of security for these systems. Remote access through DSL services, dedicated (T-1) lines, and satellite-based internet links has been very easy, with very good control of the servers using any of these links.

August 18, 2003.

I remember the time when you had to walk over to the server to access it. Even though it was only a year ago, it seems like a lifetime away.

Now we can securely access our servers remotely with exceptional performance and great video quality without tying any bandwidth at all. The Kaveman can securely centralize all of our server management activities. Making life easier for not only myself, but for every one of our employees and customers.

With Kaveman’s automatic monitoring and notification feature, I am able to greatly reduce server downtime by resolving problems much quickly and effectively.

August 14, 2003.

The Kaveman provides our company with an extremely reliable and easy to use remote administration and monitoring device at a great value. It has been invaluable in helping us to achieve 99.9% availability for our network data center. Having the flexibility to use both VNC and Java to interface with the Kaveman has been very useful and provides exceptional performance with great video quality, high response time and low bandwidth usage. We were impressed with the support teams knowledge and quick response time to answer any of our questions or concerns.