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Kaveman Centralized Access (KCA)

Product Discontinued
Please contact us for the latest product offering.

KCA is a centralized user authentication and permission control management system for an array of Kaveman units across the network. As a software application that is installed on a Windows 2000/2003 domain controller and IIS server, KCA uses Microsoft Active Directory to provide secure authentication and store all user/group access permissions to every Kaveman channel. Updates and maintenance can be fully centralized and automated seamlessly through KCA.

Access Made Easy
Through a single point of entry, the KCA Website provides centralized authentication, presenting each user with a list of channels based on the access permissions defined in MS Active Directory. Users can simply select the desired channel to gain immediate access.

Being completely scalable and easy to deploy, KCA simplifies Data Center management.



Product Items Included Part Number Price
  • KCA Software application
  • unique access key
DKKCA-AD $2,999
All prices are in USD and apply to North America only. Please contact Digital V6 for International pricing.