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Key Features

Provides users with centralized access to all channels
  • Single point of entry (KCA Website) access to all channels

  • Users can only view and access all the channels that are authorized by the administrator

Provides administrators with centralized access and management for all channels

  • Using the KCA Snap-in, administrators can assign user/group access rights and type of access for any channel on any Kaveman linked on the network

  • Channels can be grouped logically as well as by the Kaveman units they are connected to when assigning access rights

  • Administrators can access and configure any Kaveman unit directly from the KCA Web interface

  • Administrators can perform the following functionalities to every Kaveman unit all at once:
    • Synchronize date & time
    • Synchronize channel names
    • Upgrade firmware

Allows administrators to store all user access configurations in Active Directory Tree

  • Able to store all pertinent data in the Active Directory tree

  • By using the KCA Snap-in console to create Kaveman-related objects within the directory tree, administrators can reference existing users and groups in a tree as well as assigning individual access rights to every channel that is linked on each Kaveman with a domain

Offers additional channel viewing and termination capabilities

  • Administrators can take full control of every channel at all times with the ability to terminate any user’s remote session when needed

  • Users can lock a channel to prevent other users from accessing that particular channel (except in above case)

  • Users can see who is viewing the same channel they are currently controlling