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Kaveman Centralized Access (KCA)

Product Discontinued
Please contact us for the latest product offering.

KCA is a centralized user authentication and permission control management system for an array of Kaveman units across the network. As a software application that is installed on a Windows 2000/2003 domain controller and IIS server, KCA uses Microsoft Active Directory to provide secure authentication and store all user/group access permissions to every Kaveman channel. Updates and maintenance can be fully centralized and automated seamlessly through KCA.

Access Made Easy
Through a single point of entry, the KCA Website provides centralized authentication, presenting each user with a list of channels based on the access permissions defined in MS Active Directory. Users can simply select the desired channel to gain immediate access.


Remote Users

  • Unlimited: KCA does not restrict the number of users logging into the KCA Web site

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Windows 2000/20003 Domain Controller running Active Directory Services
  • Windows IIS Server
  • Kaveman / Kaveman 8 / Kaveman 16

KCA System Software Components

  • On Domain Controller: MMC Snap-in console (KCA Snap-in)
  • On IIS: Web site ASP and HTML files (KCA Web Site)
  • Minimum Firmware Requirements:
    - For Kaveman and Kaveman 8: version 2.3 or greater
    - For Kaveman 16: version 1.1 or greater

Special Features

  • Stores all user access configurations exclusively in Active Directory Tree
  • Provides administrators with centralized management of all Kaveman units
  • Provides a Synchronize Date and Time script to synchronize all Kaveman units
  • Provides a Synchronize Channel Names function on all Kaveman units
  • Provides an Upgrade firmware function on all Kaveman units