Release Notes 2.5.0

Release 2.5

This Release is based on Build 2.4a.
jview.html: Corrected JavaScript bug which affected the auto-detection routine for certain b rowsers.

Release 2.4.3

This Release is based on Build 2.4a.


A bug fix (we do not lock the FPGA when we read host LED state).
Contains the latest version of the JView2 Applet.

Build 2.4a

This build is a patched version of Release-2.4.2.


We check for keyboard LED changes on the host at the same time we check for single HOTKEY presses, but only if we are not in the middle of receiving something from the local keyboard.
This is to make sure that the host has enough time to react to CAPS-LOCK/NUM-LOCK/SCROLL-LOCK changes. Also, by checking that the local keyboard is not sending anything at that time we are trying to avoid situations when we try to reset the state of the LEDs in the middle of receiving a keystroke (the Kaveman does get confused by it and occasionally an event can be lost).

Release 2.4.2


Patched to keep going even if VNC Bandwidth Goal is set to minimum (which is broken). VNC will just generate somewhat more data but will continue to function.

Release 2.4.1

JView works with the KCA again -- it was broken in the previous version(s).
Some fixes to the Java version autodetect.

Known bug:
do not set VNC bandwidth goal=min as it will disable KAveman access

Release 2.4

A released version of Build 2.3d

Build 2.3d

Forcefully terminating a telnet session should no longer reboot the Kaveman.
JView2 had SSL-related components missing in 2.3c they are now included.

Build 2.3c

This is the first version which has the JView2 compiled at the same time as the rest of the code.

Build 2.3b

Bug Fix: A workaround to the problem when a JView client closes the SSL session but the underlying TCP socket still seems to be alive.
We used to get stuck in there and the Kaveman used to stop responding.

Build 2.3a

A bit (0x00000004) in the Misc. Debug flags causes JView to never time out as long as the client is talking to it.
Turtle Mode Timeout is set default to 1 hour.
Some menu items on the OSD do not remove the menu after performing their action.

Release 2.3

JView2 Corrections: Fix Java Version Detection, Add Wheel Mouse Support , Fix Page Reload Goes to Wrong Channel.
include "Channel Names" link which was missing

Build 2.2l

Fix JView2 on the K8 where clicking on "Control Hosts" yeilds "Kaveman Locked" error.

Build 2.2k

Bug Fixes to JView2 on the K8.

Build 2.2j

JView2 was missing from the OEM version.

Build 2.2i

Secondary administrator accounts.
Lantronix power module support.
Mouse Delays for compaitbility with converter solutions for Sun and USB

Build 2.2h

Same as 2.2g but using for video fpga version 2.13. Corrects OSD issue, local k/m

Build 2.2g

Same as 2.2f but using VFPGA 2.11 which corrects local K/M and various video related problems.

Release 2.2.5

Same as Release 2.2.4 with an extra entry in the video mode table to support some weir video card used by Beckman.

Build 2.2f

Bug fixes to socket descriptor leaks while recycling busy sessions.
Various bug fixes to recently implemented code (Jview timeout and operator disconnect.
Timeouts do not pop up an ALERT on the JView any more.
Yet another 640x480 entry in the video mode table.

There is no build 2.2e, we had to skip that number.

Build 2.2e

Removed PNG snap shot from main page of K1 on all OEM's
Removed "grab screen shots" link from main menu of K1 on all OEM's
Corrected problem with KCA logins only being able to control channel 1 on K8
Corrected problem were if a KCA user auto-locked a channel and then "backed" out, the channel remains locked
Do not allow local user to control a K1 when K1 is locked
Allow local user to control channel Y even if ChannelX is locked on K8 (where X not= Y)

Build 2.2d

KCA support (for DV6) including these features:
Lock Channel button (in JView) locks current channel
View Users button (in JView) shows all users looking at current channel
Kill Session link added to User Activity web Page
Session timeout (for JView and VNC) terminates session if inactivity timer expires

Build 2.2c
Closed by Daniel Nassif

Same as 2.2b but use older Video FPGA version 2.6. (Problems were found with 2.7)

Build 2.2b

K1: Added back SNMP link (since it was missing previously)
New Video FPGA. (version 2.7)

Build 2.2a

Field configurable video modes.
Note: There are 8 of these, and they can only be setup from QDDE.
New Video FPGA.
Number of user accounts has been extended to 32.
Configuration variables can be saved to a text file in flash and restored from that file later (works like the K16 version).
User configuration web pages have been corrected for the Xceedium OEM.