Release Notes 1.5.8


New Java Viewer Applet V.2 incorporating new features:

  • requires Sun J2RE 1.4.0 or higher
  • Client requirement is increased to
  • Automatic and manual Video Scaling
  • 16bit color (trial for now as it requires refreshing browser infrequently, no support for this feature at this time)
  • 16bit mode requires increased client system resources, performance is also improved when client system is in 24bit mode or higher
  • New Interface Structure, more compact, space saving and has detachable/floatable toolbar
  • Auto Alignment
  • Color Calibration, offset and gain adjustments

JView2 Corrections: Fix Java Version Detection, Add Wheel Mouse Support , Fix Page Reload Goes to Wrong Channel
Includes new .NET browser control applet (trial)

  • This applet always has 100sec initial connection delay and has been track down as a MS bug
  • The workaround is to use a port other than 80 for the web server on the Kaveman.
  • Internet Explorer security settings have to be altered to trust the Kaveman to permit the download of the applet.
  • Recommended: Configure the Kaveman as a trusted site on IE, and set the .NET permissions to allow 'Full Control' on trusted sites.

Ability to autodetect which viewermode is supported
Various bug fixes to recently implemented code (Jview timeout and operator disconnect.
Timeouts do not pop up an ALERT on the JView any more.
Bug Fix: A workaround to the problem when a JView client closes the SSL session but the underlying TCP socket still seems to be alive. We used to get stuck in there and the Kaveman used to stop responding.
A bit (0x00000004) in the Misc. Debug flags causes JView to never time out as long as the client is talking to it.
Turtle Mode Timeout is set default to 1 hour.
Some menu items on the OSD do not remove the menu after performing their action.
JView works with the KCA again -- it was broken in the previous version(s).
Some fixes to the Java version autodetect
Latest Applet resolves server bootup failure due to automated mouse sync


Relocated 'KM Emulator' link from debug to 'Flash File System' page
Reloacted 'Save/Load Configuration links from debug to 'Flash File System' page
Removed discontinues video.html link from debug menu (options rebooted K16)
Correct link to Restart PPP Servers on PPP.html page
'Change my Password' link added to allow users to change their own passwords
Bug fix to the user permissions so that ordinary users should not be able to edit, e.g. the security settings.


New FPGA 2.1 with improved video detection
Changed some video mode lines to better describe some 1280x1024 modes. Also added some 640x480-s.


Newest KM emulator (PIC) version 1.36
Now ommit mouse packets with movement bytes equal to 0xAA to avoid being reset due to poorly written drivers.
Keyboard driver has USB codes in it.
Permit keybaord and mouse clockline lower than 10KHz to accomodate APC and Epicenter KVM Trays on the local console
Fixed nonfunctional Print Screen key (bug introduced eversince made Sun compatible) on local console
We support the 'do not send break codes' feature of the PS/2 keyboard scanset-2.
Mouse Acceleration added under the channel information page, once properly defined Kaveman will be able to adapt to the default mouse settings of that OS
Fixed the code for the right single quote character for USB.


Lantronix power module support
Secondary administrator accounts added
Corrected retrieving logged in user's name and remote IP for SNMP
Corrected Video Calibration bug (Production environment)
Added SCA support
Use name "SCA" instead of "KCA" in menus
Changed the permission control on setting variables. Now it is NOT based on page names, etc. Less of a security risk. Also, users can edit their own passwords.
Bug fixes to the incorrect Makefiles in Build 1.4a.
Also, if someone boots by pressing 'f' in the boot ROM menu the firmware prints status messages on the serial line during the entire boot process.
Added "Jview SSL Encryption type" defaulting to "Easy" to allow encryption without requiring to import CA into J2RE. For added security change to "regular"
JView works with the KCA again -- it was broken in the previous version(s).
Local Console (if "require password" is enabled) will disable local console keybaord and mosue until user is authenticated in the OSD and disbles this feature